It’s impossible to force someone to quick drinking. Even if they want to stop, they may need support and guidance, along with professional treatment to make it possible. Because alcohol addiction is a serious disease, it needs proper treatment to be fully overcome. That’s where our team at Sophros Recovery can help with alcohol addiction treatment. It’s a comprehensive way to support them through treatment.

To Quit Drinking, It’s More Than Just Putting the Bottle Down

One of the most common misconceptions about alcohol addiction is that it is easy to control. While no longer drinking does resolve the problem, getting there is not easy to do. More commonly, a person may be battling their brain. That’s because long-term use of alcohol, especially when consumed in large amounts, creates dependence. This indicates a change in the function of the brain. Now, your brain wants access to alcohol in order to feel “normal” and function as it should. When a person stops drinking, even for a short period, they feel changes that push them right back to using. This can include challenges such as:
  • Intense cravings that are impossible to ignore
  • Headaches and feeling sick
  • Pain in muscles and bones, often creating a sense of fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating on anything, struggling at home, work, and school as a result
  • Feelings of agitation, anxiety, and terror in some cases
So, how can you help a loved one quit drinking if it seems so impossible? It doesn’t have to be in a professional setting.

Alcohol Addiction Help Requires a Comprehensive Approach

When a person is using alcohol and develops dependence, they are often engaged in compulsive use. Willpower is not enough to help them stop using. Yet, there are strategies that can help. That includes medication-assisted treatment. This type of treatment specifically helps because it enables a person’s brain to feel the same sensations it is used to when drinking alcohol. Medications ease cravings. They often eliminate the intense withdrawal symptoms and pain, too. That makes it easier for a person to finally stop using. This may be done in a detox setting. In alcohol detox, the brain has to learn how to work properly without those substances. It can take some time, but as a person works through this process, they can regain more control over their thoughts and actions. Self-esteem increases. Overall health improves. In a controlled detox environment, there’s ample medical and emotional help to get them through the difficult times.

How can You Get Your Loved One the Alcohol Addiction Help They Need?

Our team at Sophros Recovery can help you. Talk to our team about what’s happening. Let us provide some guidance and support to you on how to encourage them to seek treatment. Then, work with your loved one to show them the vast number of benefits that come from treatment. They can feel whole again, in control over their future, and happy as well. They may even find themselves feeling empowered to overcome the challenges they feel. Our team offers a range of programs to help support this process. After an assessment, your loved one can start working on a treatment that is likely to offer incredible improvements. This includes programs such as:

Get Help Today When You Call Sophros Recovery

There’s never a good reason to put off helping a loved one struggling with a disease like alcohol addiction. When you want to help them quit drinking, but realize the complexity of this disorder, allow our team at Sophros Recovery to help. With a comprehensive treatment program and ample supportive tools, we’re here to support your recovery. Learn more when you call us or connect with us online.

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