therapy group meets at alcohol addiction detox centerTaking the first step to enter an Alcohol Addiction Detox Center is an important one if you are struggling with alcohol use disorder. Every year thousands of people die from alcohol-related deaths. An alcoholism detox center provides a crucial lifeline for those fighting this disease. Although you may think that you can handle this problem alone, you will gain the best results from the treatments and programs at a Florida alcohol detox center. During your time at the center, you will gain the critical skills necessary to live your recovery.

Alcohol Addiction Detox Center — First Steps

To begin treatment at a Florida detox center, you need to contact an intake specialist. When you reach out to an alcoholism detox center, an experienced coordinator will begin the admissions process with you over the phone (or in-person if you wish). They will ask you a variety of questions while they gather pertinent information about your case. Some of the information they will gather includes the following:
  • Name and other identifying information
  • Current and past substance abuse history
  • Medical condition
  • Any hospitalizations
  • Mental health status
Once the admissions process is completed, you can come in for a formal assessment. A therapist will determine what alcohol addiction detox programs will work best for you. These include therapy and other treatment options offered at the alcohol addiction detox center. Now you’re ready to get started with rehab.

What Happens Next?

Now that you’re admitted to rehab and participating in one of the alcohol addiction detox programs, you can expect to go through withdrawal next. This part may be unpleasant but will be manageable because you will be surrounded by a capable team of experts. The doctors, nurses, and therapists will provide you with around the clock monitoring and compassionate care. You will be safe and peaceful during this time because they can give you medications and other therapies to ensure you are comfortable. In addition, your certified medical team provides emotional and psychological support while at the alcoholism detox center. They will also check your vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature, and oxygen levels to make sure you are stable and progressing as expected. Now that you know what to expect from an alcohol addiction detox center, the process will be easier to handle.

Find An Alcohol Detox Center Program

Take the first step by reaching out to a reputable FL alcohol addiction treatment program. Once you are in touch with an intake coordinator, you can start the admissions process and begin your journey to a brighter future. The treatment programs available to you at the center are evidence-based so you can move forward successfully to a sober future. In addition, you gain a new sense of hope and peace while you detox safely. Compassionate therapists and medical experts surround you during your stay at an addiction center and ensure that you are safe and comfortable throughout your journey. As a part of the healing process, you will explore various therapy treatments designed to get to the root of your problems. Some of these therapy treatment programs include:
  • Cognitive-behavioral treatment therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral treatment therapy
  • Experiential treatment therapy
  • Holistic treatment therapy
A therapist will create a treatment plan with you based on the severity of your situation. Don’t let alcohol addiction take your happiness and peace away. You can begin to overcome your addiction today. Hope is waiting for you if you take the first step. Get in touch with a quality addiction center today.