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Millions of Americans struggle with an alcohol abuse disorder every year. Even worse, it is estimated that tens of thousands of people die annually due to the effects of alcohol. Piling on top of that unfortunate statistic is the fact that the majority of people who could benefit from alcohol rehab fail to get the help they need. Many factors are at play here. One of them is that some people who need an alcohol addiction treatment program the most tend to hide their addiction or deny that they have an addiction. That denial may be to others, but it may also be self-denial.  Anyone struggling with an addiction should do what they can to seek treatment through an alcohol rehab center. If you are supporting a loved one or figuring out if you need to engage in treatment, it can be helpful to look for common signs that indicate when someone needs alcohol rehab. Discover an alcohol addiction rehab center that can help you turn your life around.

3 Signs You Need Alcohol Rehab

1. Health Problems Resulting from Alcohol Use

One of the most concerning aspects of an alcohol abuse disorder is the widespread damage it causes to a person’s body and brain. For starters, alcohol addiction is linked to mental health disorders like depression and anxiety. It is even shown to increase the chances of cognitive ailments like dementia.  Several other conditions whose onset is influenced by alcohol use include:
  • Liver damage
  • Heart damage
  • Anemia
  • Some types of cancer
  • Nervous system issues
Experiencing health issues because of an alcohol abuse disorder is one of the clearest signs that you need help from an alcohol addiction treatment program as soon as possible. Without intervention, the issues will only accelerate. The longer an alcohol addiction lasts, the higher the chances are that you or someone you love will become another statistic lost to this crippling addiction.

2. Withdrawal Symptoms Between Use

Another clear sign that it is time for alcohol rehab is when withdrawal symptoms appear between instances of alcohol use. Withdrawal symptoms indicate the presence of physical dependence. Once that stage is reached, getting rid of an alcohol dependence is best done under medical supervision through an alcohol rehab center. Typical withdrawal symptoms range from mild and annoying to severe. Nausea, shakiness, headaches, and insomnia are on the milder end. Meanwhile, hallucinations and delirium tremens occupy the severe end. Seek immediate medical care in the case of these severe symptoms.

3. Quitting on Your Own Did Not Work

Numerous people who struggle with a substance use disorder try to quit on their own or limit their intake. Most people who try this are not successful. However, that inability to quit is not due to personal failure, nor does it point to a character flaw. Instead, it highlights just how difficult it is to shake an addiction. People who find themselves in the frustrating scenario of having tried to quit and failed should not despair. The best option is to begin substance abuse treatment for an alcohol abuse disorder.

Getting Help Through Alcohol Rehab

Noticing any of the signs above in yourself or a loved one means it is probably time to enter alcohol rehab. For some people, that sounds intimidating. For others, it feels like an admittance of failure. But there’s nothing noble about struggling through an addiction alone. It is brave to admit you need help through an alcohol rehab center. In fact, in some cases, it could even be lifesaving. Learn more about what alcohol rehab is like and what you can expect during addiction treatment.

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