Alcohol Addiction Treatment
Mixing alcohol and gambling seems to go hand-in-hand. It is natural for some people to go to a casino and enjoy a few rounds of cards along with a few drinks. Yet, over time, both of these habits can become addictive. When an alcohol addiction forms, a person is unable to stop engaging in the activity. This can lead to compulsive behavior as well as dependence in some. At Sierra Sage Recovery Services, we can offer treatment that can help you get back on track.

Why Alcohol and Gambling Occur Together

Alcohol abuse occurs when a person compulsively drinks often without the ability to stop doing so or without realizing how much they are consuming. Over time, this can lead to dependence, which causes physical and psychological symptoms, making it hard to stop using. Gambling is a type of behavioral addiction. Engaging in both of these addictions can create small bursts of pleasure and euphoria, which is why people seek it out over and over again. Engaging in both addictions at the same time is not uncommon. Many times, people find themselves doing so to chase a high or numb their pain. It is very common for people to engage in this type of behavior in social settings. This can make it seem normal to gamble with a drink in hand.

What Are the Risks of Engaging in Alcohol and Gambling?

Engaging in this type of behavior can cause several different complications. There is the risk of alcohol addiction-forming. When this happens, a person may experience symptoms such as:
  • Drinking or thinking about drinking each day
  • Drinking without realizing how much is being consumed
  • Being unable to stop drinking even when desired
  • Feeling like it is necessary to drink alcohol to get through the day or manage stress
  • Feeling withdrawal symptoms or cravings when not engaging in consumption
Alcohol addiction is dangerous to health. It can cause a breakdown of the kidney, livers, and heart. It can also cause cognitive impairment in some people. Over time, it can be life-threatening. Gambling carries its own risks. When a person realizes that gambling is risky but continues to do so anyway, that is a form of behavioral addiction. While it may not carry the same type of physical health risks as alcohol consumption, it does carry some risks, especially when mixed with alcohol. This may include:
  • Financial difficulties
  • The uncontrollable need to gamble
  • Damage to relationships
  • Problems with self-confidence and self-worth
  • Trouble with home or work responsibilities
Both conditions warrant proper addiction treatment. Proper care can help a person to regain control over their health and behaviors.

What Type of Treatment for Alcohol and Gambling Can Help?

A person engaging in behavioral addiction and alcohol abuse may need specialized support and guidance. Turning to an organization dedicated to providing this type of comprehensive care is necessary. Most often, treatment requires specific strategies to help control negative thought patterns and inaccurate thinking. For some, it may mean spending some time healing physically from the damages caused by alcohol addiction. At Sierra Sage Recovery Services, we offer treatment through a range of programs. Some of the treatment options we offer include:

Explore Treatment Options at Sierra Sage Recovery Services

If you are engaging in alcohol and gambling, you may feel there is no way out. Our team at Sierra Sage Recovery Services recognizes this pain but offers the treatment options you need – both alcohol abuse and behavioral addiction treatment right here in Las Vegas. Learn more about our programs by calling 833.922.2884 or connecting with us online.   Originally posted: