Sante Recovery Center

After discouraging experiences elsewhere, addiction treatment professionals and siblings Deb and Rip Corley wanted to work in a place that prioritized the well-being of the clients over all else. This is how Santé Center for Healing, a drug detox center near Argyle Texas, came to be. This treatment center opened in Argyle, Texas in 1996 with only four clients. In the years since then, Santé has grown into a leader in the field of addiction treatment and has helped thousands of families struggling with addiction. In fact, Santé offers workshops to train other addiction treatment providers.

Santé’s Core Values

Everything that Santé does revolves around six core values: integrity, honesty, directness, compassion, mental health, and respect. With these guiding principles, their team helps people overcome addiction every day.

At Santé Center for Healing, they don’t predetermine the length of a client’s stay. Instead, they base the length of a program on the client’s progress through that program. The reason for this is that each person comes into treatment with different experiences and challenges. Furthermore, everyone responds to treatment differently. This approach allows for more individualized care.

Confidentiality is another crucial factor of treatment at Santé. After all, healing only comes when there’s a trusting relationship between the client and their addiction treatment team. They respect each client’s privacy and only release information with the client’s permission.

Comprehensive Care Options

Santé provides a variety of care options, including medical detox, inpatient care, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs, outpatient support, and even telemedicine. Furthermore, all of their programs provide a dual diagnosis approach. This means that in addition to treating clients for their struggles with addiction, their expert team also offers mental health treatment services. Mental health issues often occur alongside substance abuse, so it’s vitally important that you seek out an addiction treatment center that treats them as well.

Another area that Santé specializes in is treatment for those struggling with problematic sexual behavior. The center offers sexual addiction treatment services to those who have identified their sexual behavior as a cause for concern.

If you feel like Santé Center for Healing could help you get your life back, don’t hesitate to reach out to them today.