Remedy Therapy

Mental health is currently receiving much attention in the media. While stigma still surrounds the topic, we are slowly learning more about acceptance, management, and treatment. Remedy Therapy is here to help keep the conversation going by providing care to the Palm Beach area of Florida. Learn about Remedy Therapy and how our outpatient services can help you reach your full potential.

Do I Need Help?

It can be difficult to determine if you need help for mental health. In adolescents, we assume mood changes are simply hormones and growing pains. As we get older, we tend to chalk up anxiety and depression as the result of normal stress. The truth is, many struggle with their mental health every day, but aren’t sure how to properly care for their mental well-being.

In life, we struggle with a range of stressful and upsetting events and circumstances that can take a toll on our mental health. Some also have a mental health disorder which can make matters more difficult. At Remedy Therapy, no problem is too big or too small. Everyone’s mental health goes through a strain at one point or another in life. Our therapists are here to help guide our guests through the bumps and obstacles of life. When you’re ready to learn more about your mental health, you’re ready to learn about Remedy Therapy.

Services Available

To know about Remedy Therapy is to know about our available services. Through a variety of counseling services, we can provide each of our guests with the professional care they deserve. We offer the following counseling options:

We also place a strong focus on the different stages of life and the challenges they can bring to mental health. For this reason, we evaluate each guest to determine what they need from our services. The stages we help and some struggles they may face include:

  • Late teens – Younger guests may need help with stress management. Pressure from school and entering the workforce can create added stress on adolescents who might need some guidance through these obstacles. This age group might also face an upsetting change like a parental divorce.

  • 20s – As we get older, we tend to face new obstacles that can wreak havoc on our mental health. Anxiety and depression tend to be issues for this age group as individuals are learning how to manage life on their own.

  • 30s – This age group tends to face significant life changes. Many in their 30s are married, settling into a house, beginning a family, and looking to further their careers.

  • 40s – Individuals in their 40s can sometimes begin to feel a strain in their marriage and other relationships. Help through a divorce is sometimes necessary at this time.

  • 50s – Older guests begin to see their life experiencing major changes once again. This age group can begin to experience the need to care for their parents and even the loss of parents. They also have to learn their place in life once children have grown and retirement takes place.

With each life stage comes changes and different stress factors. Whether it’s a major life change or a bump in the road, learn about Remedy Therapy and how we can guide you through it all with our core beliefs.

Learn More About Remedy Therapy Today

When learning about Remedy Therapy, remember that our facility is a safe place of understanding. Our team of trained professionals is here to end the negative stigma around mental health problems while supporting each of our guests.

Don’t let the stigma surrounding mental health deter you from finding the help you need. The trusted counseling staff at Remedy Therapy is ready to be the support system you need for success. To learn more about Remedy Therapy, reach out to us today at (855) 874-3390. Take control of your life and stop letting your mental health control you.